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InnerMission for World Peace

Creating Peace in the Heart

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   "Peace, Love & Healing"

The 35th annual World Peace Day

A VIRTUAL Celebration

    Available on The Center for Divine Love's

Facebook page & possibly this website & more

A Universal Faith Service

Available starting at 6 a.m. CST

December 31st, 2020

with Music, Message, Meditation, & Joyous Celebration    


Welcome by Ambassador of Love, Pooki Lee

Music by Ptah Williams, Genius on the Keyboards

Guitar & Vocals by Brian Clarke

the RFT's A-1 List Best Musician ^ Best Vocalist

Earth Wisdom from Green Jean Ponzi

Incredible Storyteller January Kiefer

Short Remarks & Meditation by

Event Organizer & Orchestrator

Jeannie Breeze

please email Jeannie at 

[email protected]

to receive updates about event details

and how you can support this event!



 Peace, Love & Healing to All Beings!