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InnerMission for World Peace

Creating Peace in the Heart

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The 29th annual 

World Peace Day 

celebrated the 

Heart of Love

as we continued to move forward into this long-awaited era of enlightened consciousness.           

We gathered Tuesday, December 31, 2013, at 6 a.m., greeted by the glowing luminarias lining the walkways to Central Reform Congregation. Inside the foyer we were welcomed by the sonorous musings of Raven Wolf C. Felton Jennings on the flute, while greeted by glowing tea lights and angelic decorations. Talented and well-known artist Jeane Vogel brought her peace flag project "Dare to Touch the Face of God" to the celebration. Those attending were able to put their personal prayers for peace on a flag, that will end up sending its vibrations out into the world as it waves in the wind. You can visit Jeane's web site at or her Facebook page of the same name. Congregants greeted friends or sat in silent meditation as the sounds of morning songbirds filled the sanctuary. Banners, lanterns, candles, soft lights, wind chimes and other decorations added to the welcoming beauty of the setting.

The musical line-up featured the mystical sounds of Robert Fishbone on shofar, gong, and drum, the musical artistry of RAVEN WOLF C. Felton Jennings II, the magical energy of Maggid Georgy Rock, joined musically by Mr. Dill, the musical wizardry of Tim Mead and the bells and drums of JOIA World Percussion Ensemble. The warm & wonderful Rabbi Randy Fleisher welcomed congregants to Shabbot Shalom, (shelter of peace) Central Reform Congregation at 5020 Waterman (at Kingshighway), where we hold the event. Green Jean Ponzi, of KDHX fame, oversaw the creation and placement of the luminaries, and event organizer Jeannie Breeze once again led the meditation. Doors opened at 5:15 a.m. before the 6 a.m. service, and, as always, a pot-luck breakfast followed. This universal faith gathering is always FREE and OPEN to ALL! Your love donations are invited to support the continuation of this fabulous event.