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InnerMission for World Peace

Creating Peace in the Heart

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FABulous FUNdraiser


the 33rd annual

World Peace Day 

Saturday, Oct. 20th, 2018

2 - 4:30 pm

in the Empowerment Center

at the center for Divine Love

3617 Wyoming

(just west of S. Grand)

$12 advance tickets * $15 at the door * $5 children under 12

*** amazing music by pianist/vocalist Jeremiah Allen ***

with "a little help from his friends"

*** yummy refreshments by Ariele Star ***

*** spoken word by Jeannie Breeze & others ***

*** raffle for wonderful prizes ***


1. Two signed prints (unframed), created and donated by friend & artist Jeff Miller - value $30/each = $60

2. Original artwork created by friend & local artist Janiece Senn - value TBA

3. Original artwork "I Have My Eye On You", created by friend & local artist Wayne St Wayne - value $40

4. Original artwork "Girl with Pony" created by friend & artist Craig Downs - value $120

5. Framed print of artwork by Monet - value $25

6. Beautiful framed African print - value $35

7. Beautiful framed print - Family Outing - value $40

8. Antique Tibetan Buddhist mandala (unframed) - value $300-400 will be saved for WPDay

9. Everyman Jack - Cedarwood Body Kit for Men with Deodorant, Body Wash & Body Lotion - value $35

10. Fiesta Package - 6 Bottles of Sangria - 2 with red wine, 2 with white wine, 2 with a rose`, and 2 wine glasses - value $75

11. Scentsational Collection of assorted fine Indian Incense, a wooden incense holder, Ayurvedic scented soap - value $30

12. Gift Certificate for Celestial Services by Jeannie Breeze - 4 options: a personal guided meditation, spiritual counsel (card reading), intuitive energy healing work, astrological insights - value $40-100

13. Gift Certificate for 1 Massage at A Gathering Place Massage School, donated by Cindy Goodnetter - value $40

14. Gift Certificate for Breathwork Session with Breath Mama Shelly Hogan - value TBA

15. Gift Certificate for 30-minute Phone Reading from Cynde Meyer - value $75

16. Gift Certificate for A Shamanic Healing Session facilitated by Mary Wolk-Agnew -

value TBA

17 & 18. 2 Gift Certificates for 1 hr. Massage from Ed Barr Lmt. - value $60 each

19. Beautiful Collectible Plate by Raymond Waites and 2 Charming Porcelain Figurines donated by Nia Nah Tumpe - value $40

20. Gift Certificate for 2 hours of Senior Services from Kadijah - value - priceless!

21. Amazing book Alternative Revelations, by local author Linda Emmanuel, (who healed herself of severe rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and chronic depression), 2 bottles of Colloidal Silver, and the gift of a 2-hour presentation by the author (only available in the St. Louis area). The information she shares is invaluable and potentially lifesaving!

22 & 23. Two mind-blowing tie-dyed gifts made & donated by Jim McDaniel, my wonderful cousin, who owns & operates New Dawn Natural Foods on Arsenal:

22. Two tie-dyed shirts, 1 XL and 1 L - value $40-50

23. One tie-dyed tapestry - value $100

24. Framed Vintage Water Color from Stix, Baer & Fuller Art Gallery, donated by Sue Phillips - value $40

25. 4-DVD set You Can Trust Your Life by Best-Selling Authors Louise Hay & Cheryl Richardson - value $49.95

26. Book All Is Well: Heal Your Body with Medicine, Affirmations and Intuition by Louise Hay and Mona Lisa Schulz - value $24.95

27. Artwork created and donated by friend and local artist Mary Ann Russum - value TBA

28. Gift Certificate for fine sterling silver jewelry from me, Jeannie Breeze, from my boutique - value $40

29. Amazing assortment of fresh hot peppers, and sweet & spicy cookies, made and donated by Rich Rapp - with so much I haven't had time to addict all up yet!