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InnerMission for World Peace

Creating Peace in the Heart

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Online Raffle for Prizes 2020

These prizes will be awarded to the Angel Donors, who contributed $100

o this year's attempt to create a virtual event.

1. Gift Certificate for your choice of one of my Celestial Services - Spiritual Counsel Card Reading, Guided Meditation or Intuitive Energy Healing: - Value $40-100.

 2 Beautiful Enameled Vases donated from my Boutique - valued at $30

3.  Lovely set of small plates with matching cups - Rose pattern - valued at $40-60

4.  Amazing Wooden Display Case for Miniatures w/lots of items - Valued at $60

5.  2 Minimalist Prints - Art donated by Artist Jeff Miller - Valued at $120

6.  2021 Calendar by Sisters of St. Jioseph and audio book of Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch donated by Don Wester - valued at $34

7.  Beautifu;l Ceramic set of 2 Eggs with candles in them and Matching Basket

that holds votive candle - from my Boutique - valued at $30