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InnerMission for World Peace

Creating Peace in the Heart

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Be an Angel!!

and attend the

Fabulous Fundraiser for the 32nd World Peace Day

Fun * Inspiration * Entertainment with J'Asa and Jeannie Breeze

Light Refreshments * Raffle for 30 or more Prizes!

Sunday, November 5th, 3-5:30 pm

in the Empowerment Center

downstairs at

the Center for Divine Love

3617 Wyoming (just west of S. Grand)

St. Louis, MO 63116

$15 General Admission * $12 students & seniors

$5 children age 5-12 * Children under 5 are FREE

Bring refreshments to share and receive $2 off your admission!

Raffle tickets are $1 ea, 6/$5, 14/$10

Prizes range in value from $30 - $100 * 30 or more prizes

You can buy tickets from me, Jeannie Breeze, at lunch/brunch

after the 10:30 a.m. Sunday service at the Center for Divine Love

or at my home, or mail a check made out to IM for World Peace,

and mail it to me at 7729 Elton St., St. Louis, MO 63123-3805

and I will fill out the tickets for you.

You or a designated friend must be present at the fundraiser to win a prize, so be sure to include your name, telephone number and the name of a friend who will be there if you can't.

A Reiki infused Angel Healing Blanket (donated by massage therapist and acupuncturist Mary Wallis of Improved Performance), valued at $189, will be raffled at World Peace Day on December 31st at Central Reform Congregation, along with several additional prizes.

Here's a list of the amazing prizes you can win at the fundraiser & WPDay raffles:

Prizes pledged so far: Artwork by 8 of my favorite artists:

Janiece Senn, * Craig Downs * Mary Ann Russum, * Wayne Ermatinger * Teresa Wise * Genevieve Esson * Jeane Vogel * Douglas Barron who is donating a painting AND a pastel drawing (2 prizes).   

Other Prizes include:

* A Healing Touch Session & An Aromatherapy Session by Eileen Wolfington (2 prizes)

* Student Massage at A Gathering Place from Cindy Goodnetter

* CD's from Bridgette Kossor

* A Reiki Class with Scott Dehn

* Healing Work by Donna Stagner

* A Sound Healing Session and Cacao Offering from Willow Beseda

* Twig Art offerings (2 prizes) - 1 Gateway & 1 Willow Feather Heart by Pat Tuholske

* A Reiki Class with Scott Dehn

* Gift Certificate for Cafe Nova from owner Katherina

* Mediumship Reading from Mary Wolk-Agnew

* Framed and matted picture of a mama whale and calf, donated by Elizabeth Wissbaum.

+ 4 gifts from me:* A Cedarwood 4 piece bath set

* An Oil Diffuser with essential oils + assortment of Indian incense with holder.

* An assortment of Healthy Sweets.

* A Gift Certificate for your choice of 1 of my Celestial Services: a tarot reading, guided meditation, an "aura fluffing" (my intuitive energy healing work), or astrological reading.

MORE NEW PRIZES: will be divided between the fundraiser and World Peace Day

* 3 single Reiki Healing Sessions from Rev. Dr. Vickie Fothen

* A copy of her book and a healing consultation from Linda Emmanuel

* 2 Energetic Healing Sessions from Dr. Josephine Goffe (2 prizes)

* 2 Beautiful hand-crocheted afghans (2 prizes) made & donated by Rev. Leslie Venable

* Chiropractic Consultation with high tech body scans from Dr. Linda Pecaut

* Infused Angel Healing Blanket from Massage Therapist and Acupuncturist Mary Wallis

Angel Healing Blanket & 5 other prizes will be raffled at World Peace Day, Dec. 31st